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OA Choir Program Budget


The process of funding the OA Choir Program always weighs heavily on me.  My desire is to be able to give your student the most professional experience possible at a cost that is manageable to all.  This program goes above and beyond what many other programs are able to do but that comes at a price.   

Here is a brief summary of the yearly expenses that the Booster Club takes on for your student as well as the income we bring in from our shows and fundraisers. 



            Curriculum, Sheet Music & Arrangements           $7,250

            Choreographers                                                        $14,000

            Band / Accompanists                                                $13,500

            Show Costumes                                                         $5,000           

            Equipment                                                                  $2,500

            Show Expenses                                                          $3,250

                        (Decorations, Programs, Stage Manager)

            Stage & Props                                                            $5,000

            Student Activities                                                      $4,500

                        (Banquet/Class Activities/Transportation)

                                                                        EXPENSES:     $55,000     ($216 per student)


            AUHSD Budget                                                          $1,000

            Fundraisers / Show Income                                     $8,250

                        (Fortune Cookies, E-Waste, Pechanga Trip, Candle Sales,

                         Grams, Flowers, Raffles, Snack Bar, etc.)

            Ticket Sales                                                                $24,000

                                                                        INCOME:        $33,250 

                                                                        DIFFERENCE is Approximately $20,750.00


How You Can Help!  -  Last year parents just like you donated just over $20,000 to keep this program running.  I’d like to ask you to consider making a donation this year.  Of course, the amount of donation that you make is up to your discretion, if your family is experiencing financial difficulties right now, give what you can.  (You can definitely make ongoing monthly contributions throughout the year.)  Please also consider volunteering your time or participating in the fundraisers. 


Suggested Donations for the 2016-2017 School Year

Show Choir & Musical Productions - $150.00

Advanced Girls & Freshman Choir - $125.00

Junior High Chorus & Treble Ensemble - $100.00


If you’re in a position to make a donation larger than this amount please consider sponsoring

another student or checking out one of our donation packages below. 


Vocal Motion is a Non-Profit Organization and all donations are tax deductible.

Our tax ID# is available on request.


Donation Packages


Benefactors:  $250

Two free tickets season tickets

Videos for both Broadway and Pops Show

(Approximate value:  $80)

Directors:  $500

Four free tickets season tickets

Videos for both Broadway and Pops Show

Two Tickets to the End of the Year Banquet.

(Approximate value:  $140)


Producers:  $1,000 or higher!

Eight free tickets season tickets

Videos for both Broadway and Pops Show

Four Tickets to the End of the Year Banquet.

Free ½ page Ad in both Broadway and Pops Show Programs.

(Approximate value: $360)

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