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Vocal Motion Association

Purpose Statement

The Vocal Motion Booster Association was created to assist the choir program by fund-raising and planning/running events associated with the program.  All funds that are raised by ticket sales, donations and fundraisers are run through this governing body.  The decisions on how this money will be spent will be discussed at monthly meetings and decided by the executive board with the advice of the parents, music director and choreographers.


2019-2020 Board


Executive Board

            Director – Mr. Hogan

            President – Debra Vill

            Vice President (Volunteers) – Tammy Hansberry

            Vice President (Fundraising) – Lisle Mukai

            Treasurer – Dana Sporn           

            Recording Secretary – Lorena Stout

Committee Chairs

            Activities Chair – Cathy Imai

            Bus Coordinator – Cathy Imai

            Costumes/Props – Tammy Hansberry, Christine Park

            Decorations – Cathy Imai

            Dressing Rooms – Christine Park

            Information and Technology – Pujai Patel

            Lobby Sales – Dinah Gagnier

            Program Design – Tad Mukai

            Security – Don Gagnier, John Orr

            Snack Bar – Raji Narasimhan

            Student Meals – Jeanie Simmons

            Ticket Sales – Tammy Hansberry

Agendas / Minutes

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Board and Committee Chair Job Description

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